Hudson River Greenway

Running along the Hudson River Greenway in New York City is an incredible opportunity to enjoy nature, the Hudson River, and views of Manhattan.

This trail, which runs along the Hudson River, is one of the most popular and scenic places to run in the city.

Here’s what to expect when you run along the Hudson River Greenway:

🏞️ Location: The Hudson River Greenway begins in the Battery Park neighborhood in southern Manhattan and extends many miles north, passing through many Manhattan neighborhoods and even into Brooklyn and New Jersey.

🏃‍♀️ Wide paths: The route is lined with wide sidewalks and bike lanes, making it an ideal place to run. You won’t be competing with cars for safety and comfort.

🌊 Hudson River Views: The Hudson River Greenway offers stunning views of the Hudson River and New Jersey. You will enjoy observing the water and nature along the entire route.

🏙️ Historical and Cultural Sites: You can also see many interesting sites along the route, including Chelsea Piers, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and other cultural and historical attractions.

🌳Parks and Recreation: Along the Hudson River Greenway, there are many parks and recreational facilities. You can stop at one of the parks to relax, do yoga or even have a picnic.

🚴Cyclists and Rollerbladers: The route is popular with cyclists and rollerbladers, so you’ll see plenty of people who share your passion for an active lifestyle.

The Hudson River Greenway offers runners an unparalleled experience that combines exercise and nature with river and city views.

This route is ideal for all fitness levels and provides an opportunity to see New York City from a whole new perspective.

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