Fort Totten Park

Fort Totten Park is a beautiful coastal park located on a peninsula in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens, New York.

This park offers a great opportunity to run in a scenic natural and historic setting. Here is information about the Fort Totten Park jogging trail:

🏞️ Location: Fort Totten Park is located in northeastern Queens on a peninsula washed by the waters of Long Island Sound. It is a quiet and secluded place, perfect for running away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

🏃‍♀️ Running Trails: The park offers several running trails that run along the shoreline and through the park. You can choose the distance and route that suits your fitness level.

🌳Nature and Shoreline: One of the main benefits of running in Fort Totten Park is its proximity to nature. You can enjoy views of the water and surrounding greenery, as well as the variety of wildlife in the area.

🏰 Historic sites: Fort Totten Park is also known for its historic sites, including the 19th century fort buildings. You can add a tour of these interesting historical sites to your itinerary.

🚴 Biking and walking: The park has biking and walking trails, so you may see other people enjoying outdoor activities.

🍴Picnic and Rest Areas: Fort Totten Park also provides picnic and rest areas so you can stop after your run to relax and enjoy nature.

The Fort Totten Park course features beautiful scenery and a unique historical setting.

It is a great place to run outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of coastal Queens.

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