West Side Highway

The West Side Highway running route in New York City offers runners the opportunity to enjoy views of the Hudson River and nature along the western part of Manhattan.

Here is some information about the course:

🏞️ Location: The West Side Highway runs along the western shore of Manhattan Island and the Hudson River. The route begins in southern Manhattan in the Battery Park area and extends north through many neighborhoods, including Tribeca, Chelsea and West Harlem.

🏃‍♀️ Treadmills: There are walking and biking paths along the West Side Highway that are ideal for running. They are wide and comfortable, and you can choose the distance according to your preference.

🌊 Hudson River Views: The route offers stunning views of the Hudson River and New Jersey across the river. It will be interesting for you to observe the water and surrounding nature along the entire route.

🌇 Urban Areas: The route passes through various urban areas, allowing you to explore the architectural features and atmosphere of Manhattan.

🚴 Sports Facilities: Along the route, you may also come across sports fields and outdoor exercise equipment where you can do additional exercises.

🍴 Restaurants and Cafes: There are several places along the route where you can stop for a snack or a cup of coffee after your run.

The West Side Highway offers runners a unique opportunity to run along the river and enjoy views of the Hudson River and Manhattan.

This route is suitable for all levels of runners and provides an opportunity to explore the urban environment and nature in one place.

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