Mercer Playground

Mercer Playground (also known as Mercer-Houston Dog Run) is a small and cosy park in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City.

It’s not the largest park, but its convenient location and peaceful surroundings make it a great place for short runs and outdoor recreation.

🏞️ Location: Mercer Playground is located at the intersection of Mercer and Houston Streets in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

🏃‍♀️ Running Trails: The park has small paved paths and trails where you can get a quick workout.

🐕 Dog Park: This park is also known for its dog run, where dog owners can walk and play with their furry friends.

🌳 Nature and Recreation: Mercer Playground has some trees and benches where you can relax after your run and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Greenwich Village.

Although small, this park is a cosy place for short runs and walks. It is also a great place to relax with your dogs.

If you are in Greenwich Village and are looking for a place to run in a peaceful environment, Mercer Playground is a great option.

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